[Imports] [OSM-talk] Import guidelines review

Philippe Rieffel p.rieffel at googlemail.com
Wed Jun 6 10:06:12 UTC 2012

Hey everybody,
some comments from my part.

>> 1. I think that the discussion with community should be much earlier, probably right after you have found some data. Is it really useful data, if not then do not waste your time with all these technical preparations. With this flow you expect that there is default go-ahead for import, but every import should be well justified.
> If you stupid enough to not find difference between good and bad data
> yourself you deserve wasting your time on writing tools. Arrows to
> "discuss" go from almost all steps.

I fully agree with Jaack here, from my point of view it is not about
people being stupid or not, but people having an idea and maybe some
good data, but might want to have feedback from the community even in
initial stages. I mean, OSM lives (some part) from discussing, so i
would not discourage people from doing so, by putting it explictly
very low in your order, even though you have some arrows pointing at

>> 2. Also, please have two branches: one leads to "Upload to OSM" , and another "share data" as .osm files without uploading, so manual copypasting/merging can be done by community. IMHO this should be often default and preferred option.
> Current import guide lines disagree with you. Ich also disagree with
> you. "Import" ist when data goes to database, not to some random FTP.

I agree with Jaack here as well, import is way more then just putting
data into the database, it is from my point of view as well preparing
data for the community, to be used in whatever form, may it even be
manual input. And regarding current import guidelines, i am wondering
why you adhere to them to much, since you are basically redoing them
at some points anyways.

> You can also draw better import guide lines too. It ist easy.
You draw nicely. But whats the point of asking for feedback when your
reaction to feedback is to ask people to do it themselves? Are you
capable of accepting constructive feedback?


Philippe Rieffel

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