[Imports] import of data from LINZ

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 5 10:14:52 BST 2012

Paul wrote:
> > I have also seen the attribution tag inspire reluctance in editing by newer
> > users who are not sure if they should edit the tag when combining multiple
> > sources of information.

Robin wrote (on behalf of the NZOpenGIS crew):
> Good! If it stops new users from "correcting" good LINZ data with
> crappily aligned Bing imagery (we've found numerous mistakes in new
> zealand) it will make me very happy. source=LINZ is a mark of quality.
> This has happened to me a number of times for areas around various
> mappers that we know very well, and it is quite frustrating to have
> good data replaced by bad by someone half a world away that thinks the
> satellite imagery is somehow more correct than a high-res
> 'source=GPS'. </grumble>

Those were my words, written soon after seeing some hours of my efforts
deleted in a mountainous area where (good) GPS data shows the Bing imagery
off by 60m+. I should probably temper the statement by saying that that I
fully hope and would be happy for random locals to repair the "official"
data where it was wrong*, and to expand it where it is lacking, without
feeling intimidated or disempowered in the process. The conundrum lies in
how to encourage the "good" edits while minimizing the "bad" ones? I'm not
sure if there is really any good solution to that, and that it is probably
a well experienced issue within OSM? I guess just keep an eye on things
and send friendly emails through the OSM user account system to try and
nip problems in the bud.. when possible.

[*] FWIW we have set up a wiki page for reporting problems upstream,

> as to public access to see how we're tagging those, we're working on it:
>  https://github.com/opennewzealand/linz2osm/issues/9

now there is a button at the top of the layers page to export all of our
tag-mapping into an XML file, but probably browsing the layer list in the
web app will be much easier. The site has come a long way in the last
few weeks!

Check it out:

(fyi most the things marked done for the mainland were actually done a
couple of years ago. The gold can be found in the "More info" links.)

Please do have a look at that site, it has been, and is becoming, an
incredibly useful tool. Moreover, the code is (very nearly) region free
+ FOSS, and so easily deployable for other imports in other parts of
the world -- indeed, we'd be really excited to see that happen. The
code for the web app can be found here:


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