[Imports] [OSM-talk] manual import of LSIB data to repair redaction damage to borders

Ian Villeda villeda at mapbox.com
Mon Sep 10 15:35:55 UTC 2012


> I do not know well his USAID data but for sure the OCHA COD border is official and ODbL compatible. 

Thanks. All gov't owned and maintained by the US federal gov't should be public domain and this ODbL compatible. see:

Michael, thanks for the thoughts/feedback. 

>But I would add a source-Tag to the way, e.g. I had used "source=Large Scale International Boundary (US DoS/INR/GGI)". But as I just noticed that the data got updated recently I would now probably also include the month/year of the edition used. 

definitely. I will include the source + version. 

unless there are other objections, I'm going to ahead with this. thanks again, 

ian villeda
mapbox | developmentseed

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