[Imports] KHARKOV address

Paul Norman penorman at mac.com
Mon Sep 17 08:13:37 UTC 2012

No addr:city or addr:street?


I'd suggest using source=* on the changeset.


I'd also suggest translating enough of the import page to English that a
search for the source tag will turn up the page.


Don't forget that the import needs to be done from a dedicated account.


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The sample tagging is

addr:housenumber = 9А
building = yes
building:levels = 1
street:id = 2370

We will replace street:id with relations and remove the tag after completion
of project.

Total number of ways is XXXXX, nodes is XXXXX. Kharkov is a big city.

2012/8/24 Paul Norman <penorman at mac.com>

Could you post a sample .OSM showing the tagging?


About how many ways and nodes is the total proposed import?


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Subject: [Imports] KHARKOV address


Hi all,

We obtained address information for the whole Kharkov city, Ukraine.

We already discussed it with the local community, and developed plan on how
to do the import.

The process is semi-automated, with careful copying the existing tags to new
entities. Also there will be manual work on adding streets to the relations,
so address could work.

The data is license-free, we have the relevant permissions and it is passed
to OSM under ODbL/CT.

Actually we started the import, but were contacted by Paul Norman, so making
the thing straight according the guidelines.

All the technical details are described here (sorry, Russian-only): 



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