[Imports] Importing buildings for Danish municipalities

Peter Brodersen peter at ter.dk
Thu Jun 13 09:26:26 UTC 2013

(repost as I wasn't subscribed to the list when I posted yesterday)

We at the Danish OSM community have recently done building imports for
a couple of municipalities in Denmark.

However we haven't had the import discussion to imports@ which has
been pointed out to me by pnorman. This has simply been an oversight
from my part and for that I'm very sorry.

In general we have had several successful meetings with Danish
municipalities and ministries about using their data.

We have tried to be in compliance with all the guidelines, including:

- Extensive discussions at the Danish mailing list, meetups, IRC and
other community channels
Getting explicit agreements from the owners of the data for usage and
distribution under the ODbL and other licenses and making sure that
the government bodies in fact do have ownership rights and not just
usage rights
- Working together with the data owners for identifying possible errors
- Understanding the nature of the data and converting to appropiate
tags and leaving out data not relevant for OSM
- Sampling the data for errors, comparing with free aerial imagery and
putting the data online at a local community driven tile server to get
a better overview before importing
- Creating explicit import accounts
- Using relevant prefixes for building identifiers for future comparison
- Only importing data that is not overlapping existing data (using the
uvm edition of ogr2osm - we could probably use yours as well)
- Documenting each import at the OSM Wiki

However not discussing the data imports here at the imports mailing
list is an error on my behalf. Apart from this issue I do believe we
have done our best for making sure that everything is otherwise in
compliance in an open and transparent process. Obviously I will use
this list in the future as well and cherish all input.

Import jobs have been performed for the users:
- "frederikssund_import" (municipality of Frederikssund)
- "Municipality Import Ballerup" (municipality of Ballerup)
- "Municipality Import Faxe" (municipality of Faxe).

- Peter Brodersen
OSM user: findvej
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