[Imports] Veneto import feedback

Paul Norman penorman at mac.com
Fri Nov 22 00:25:23 UTC 2013

> there's a link to this file:
> some remarks:
> Probably best to start reviewing the Veneto import in a new thread. I'll
> copy these to a new one
> - it should be amenity=post_office (instead of postoffice).
> - There are freetext "note"s in italian language that repeat the meaning 
>   of the tags (e.g. "area pertinenza scuola"/ ospedale), IMHO this is not 
>   needed.
> - there is landuse=farm but this should be farmland (currently double 
>   the usage, less ambiguity).
> - there are 6 types of survey points, all translated into the same tag, 
>   maybe there is room for a subtag?
> - not sure if the fixmes and notes should be in Italian (or whether the 
>   keys should be note:it, fixme:it when the values are in Italian).

Nothing wrong with italian note/fixme tags in a region where Italian is 
spoken. What I find wrong is automatically generated fixme tags, 
particularly looking at some of them 

- Some are like "Import CTR Veneto. Collegare ways. Integrare con sport=* 
  e surface*" on leisure=pitch 

The lack of sport=* on the import shouldn't be in a fixme. Maybe the 
instructions should require that the importer checks all leisure=pitch 
and adds sport information, but I routinely tag sports fields without 
knowing the surface, and I'll also tag them without knowing the sport. 
It's not an error, it's incomplete data. 

- Others are like "Import CTR Veneto. Controllare se historic=memorial" 
on historic=monument 

This is an instruction to the importer, but taginfo shows that these
get left on and uploaded.

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