[Imports] Question on imports

Randal Hale rjhale at northrivergeographic.com
Sun Oct 20 00:49:59 UTC 2013

So I had this pleasant experience and now I'm emailing the imports group.

I received a donation from the Athens County Georgia with their building 
foot print data. I received it yesterday. Apparently I ran afoul of Paul 
Norman and he blocked my efforts. So I've emailed Paul and since I 
haven't heard back from him - I'll email the group. Paul - feel free to 
respond since you haven't answered my messages.

I've done bulk uploads before. No problem. So apparently this is a 
problem - and here's my problem. I can't imagine I'm bringing anything 
new to the table - but according to Paul's conversation with geocak this 
is the law. Although the import page on teh wiki lists there are no 
rules - just guidelines - we seem to havegotten thought all of them but #8.

The data was donated yesterday. Data prep started yesterday.
Paul is concerned about the license - it was donated. No one here is 
going to understand if I start sputing GPL/CC-By-SA or ODBL. If I can 
show a good use of the data - then that is very likely to happen/become 
public. It's the south - so "here's our data" is about as GPL CC-By-SA 
as it's going to get. Period.
Since the editathon is this weekend - I'm not spending the better part 
of a week arguiing the merits of building foot print data. I needed to 
show progress today - it's building foot print data - not addresses or 
anything else.

Paul - it appears you are removing geocak's data without talking to me. 
I've asked you twice to talk to me and you refuse - I find this 
extremely unacceptable. I expect a discussion with you at some point.


Randal Hale, GISP
North River Geographic Systems, Inc
423.653.3611 rjhale at northrivergeographic.com
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