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On Tue, Sep 10, 2013 at 6:12 PM, Jason Remillard
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> Hi,
> NY city is so large (if it was a state, it would be 10th largest
> state), any kind of manual work is going to be an big issue. Why not
> just automated everything that is easy (say things that don't
> conflict), or more aggressively don't merge correctly with Paul's
> script, and let the humans focus on the hard addresses that can't be
> easily sorted out by the automation. It would take you guys less than
> a 30 minutes of coding to separate out the buildings that overlap with
> OSM and those that don't. Push the buildings that don't overlap right
> into OSM.

Having done this in Chicago, I can say that it's not that difficult to do
the manual conflation process. Three things:

1) There aren't that many buildings in OSM already. Probably more than
there were in Chicago, but the majority of the tasks in task manager will
simply be "spot check and upload"

2) In most cases, the buildings in OSM are simply tagged "building=yes" or
similar. In these cases (unless there is noticeably better geometry in
OSM), it's better to simply delete the data from OSM and let the imported
data replace it because the imported buildings will probably have
better/more geometry and tagging.

3) The process as they have it is pretty simple and easy to follow. Plus,
the task manager is already loaded and ready to go. If it takes 30 minutes
of coding to separate out the buildings, I'm sure it would be helpful for
you to go ahead and do that then make a pull request against the process in
GitHub so discussion can happen. Don't forget that once this "upload
totally new buildings" step is done then the task manager tasks would need
to be removed or marked done, so don't forget to factor that into the time
estimate for the automatic step.
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