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Thu Dec 11 13:56:32 UTC 2014


We're in the preparation phase for the landuse community import.
The data source comes from ministry of agriculture. It is fairly detailed
and covers 100% of our (small) country.
Due to conflicting existing data it cannot be imported autmatically, but
slowly by comunity, resolving conflicts as we go.

The source is built from agricultural perspective, so it is useless in
urban areas (roads, residential areas, commercial areas... are all marked
the same, "built-up and similar" - as a solution import will ignore those.
At the same time it might be too detailed to what we're used to in OSM
(eg,the source contains orchards types, while many orchards in OSM were
mapped as forests - as a solution some landuse types can be merged (eg tag
various orchards as simply orchards).

Our biggest concern (area of different opinions) is what type of areas to
import. Options are:
a) import only forrests & bushes (initial idea, covers 60% of country)
b) import everything except "built-up and similar" even if tagging is not
perfect (including hop gardens, bare rock alpine areas etc, some not even
being rendered yet, invent (sub)tags if needed, makes some unmapped roads
nicely visible as strips of unused land, covers 95% of country)
c) import whatever can be best mapped to existing OSM tagging scheme
(commonly used tags, 60-95% of country)
d) import some orher mix?
e) prepare eg 2 options and leave the decision up to importer?

I'm not expecting you to magically unify our opinions (well, if you do that
it is ok too :)), but to shed some light on existing import practices and
drawbacks (larger dataset, harder to resolve conflicts) or benefits
(more/less filled maps, bare rock is better than no info) of those options
that we possibly haven't considered yet, which could help us find some
common grounds.

Our prior imports were only administrative boundaries, much smaller dataset.

About the import:
OSM map with (unfiltered and untagged) souce overlay:
Discussion (in slovenian):

Any suggestion would be more than welcome.

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