[Imports] Slovenia - Landuse import questions

Pavel Machek pavel at ucw.cz
Fri Dec 12 12:00:24 UTC 2014


> Glen, thank you for sharing your experience!
> Yes, we did spend sime time already figuring out the proper tags and were
> wondering if we should continue with refining details (pointless if the
> features would not be imported).
> I am familiar with produce/trees/crop/species sub tags and we do plan to
> preserve this info where present (olive trees, hop garden, vine plant
> nursery...). The unresolved issue is that source contains 2 types of
> orchards:
> - id=1222: domestic, garden-like, non-dense, with few older, not purposely
> planted, but casually taken care-of various fruit trees around houses and
> - id=1221: intensively cared for, larger areas of young, regularly pruned
> trees of same species planted in rows after rows. Includes fruit, berries
> and nuts
> I was conidering landuse=plantation for the later one, but that tag is not
> widely used, nor documented well. Is there an established
> alternative?

It seems both are orchards, so they should be marked as such, and
further specify orchard type with additional tag...

Like orchard_intensive=yes/no?

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