[Imports] Import of addresses in Poland

Dariusz Bączkowski dariusz.baczkowski at esyscoder.pl
Tue Feb 4 20:27:36 UTC 2014

On 04.02.2014 20:52, Frederik Ramm wrote:
> Hi,
> On 04.02.2014 20:44, Adam Williamson wrote:
>> So, when I get time to work on my proposal again, I'm going to look at
>> the possibilities for providing the same data not directly within OSM,
>> but in geocoding layers that are commonly associated with OSM.
>> Of course, naturally, I wonder if there are standards/conventions for
>> this.
> There aren't standards but there's a precursor - Nominatim actually
> contains code to convert US TIGER address data into an OSM file and
> then, in a second step, import that OSM file into its local database in
> addition to the "proper" OSM data. I think there's also code that makes
> sure that house numbers in OSM take precedence to the "background" TIGER
> data.
> I think it is probably not impossible to have a repository of ready-made
> OSM files with house numbers for various areas, and anyone setting up
> Nominatim could select the files for whatever areas they're interested
> in. I don't know however if this would require a clever way to deal with
> node ID ranges to avoid clashes.

What about address visibility on OSM data generated maps/tiles?
Without does being visible on map no one can verify them.
Verification is way easier and anyone can do it in his city just walking
with map showings on his phone. No JOSM editing proficiency necessary.
Then they can write on forum or talk-pl (they do that for everything now

For now all imports in Poland had positive verification and we should
have all Poland imported.

Dariusz Bączkowski

ESYSCODER Dariusz Bączkowski
e-mail: biuro at esyscoder.pl
tel.: +48 720 820 220
fax: +48 947 166 554
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