[Imports] Value of imports in general

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Thu Feb 6 20:34:49 UTC 2014


On 06.02.2014 20:16, Johan C wrote:
> Dear Frederik, I find myself having some difficulty to understand  the
> way you are addressing imports. There seem to be two camps now. And,
> while the Dutch import tries to get as many local people as possible
> involved (7 at the moment, and that's still just the number of beta
> testers), you refer to that import as a bad one. 

I have not specifically mentioned "the Dutch import" and frankly I am
not 100% sure what the status of that import is.

What I am sure about is:

I have recently been to a city in the Netherlands, I mapped a little, I
saw stacks of house numbers that were difficult to handle and tagged as
coming from an import. That's all, but that is a fact - I wasn't editing
in some beta testing database, I was editing as a guest mapper in OSM,
just like any new mapper would.

A new mapper signing up and editing in the area where I edited *will*
have a bad experience, there's no doubt about that. In that area where I
edited, a bad import is making things difficult for new mappers - that's
all I said, and that's a fact. It may only be valid for that small area
which by coincidence was your beta test area - but will a new mapper
know "ah, OSM isn't that difficult to edit normally, this is just
because I accidentally landed in an import beta test area"?

It is a real possibility that someone signs up, tries to edit there,
finds it a horrible experience, quits, and writes a blog entry about how
shit OSM is. And yes, we can then say "wait a moment, this was just our
testing area and it isn't that bad everywhere and we're only just
recruiting more people to get the import right" or whatever but will it
help that guy's impression?


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