[Imports] Import proposal: Hydrographic data in South East Spain

Matías Taborda Barroso taborda.barroso at gmail.com
Fri Feb 14 08:06:36 UTC 2014


Not shown in the English version, but in the Spanish [1]

*"Los contenidos del sitio web de la Confederación Hidrográfica del Segura
se publican bajo licencia Creative Commons 3.0 – Reconocimiento; al
reutilizar o distribuir contenidos, tiene que dejar bien claros los
términos de la licencia"*

 [1] http://www.chsegura.es/chs/utilidades/avisolegal.html

Sorry for my english (all the fault of Google Translate[?])

> I'm just commenting on the legal aspects for now.
> - If the license is CC BY 3.0, we need to verify that they are okay with
>   the ODbL attribution. You can find details in the archives on how the
>   attribution clause of CC BY 3.0 is onerous for a crowd-sourced map.
> - I reviewed the linked license. Nowhere does it say that the data on
>   the site is made available under CC BY 3.0. There is a link to CC BY 3.0
>   but it appears to be just randomly inserted, and the license hasn't
>   been applied to any contents.
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