[Imports] Completion of King County Address Import

Paul Norman penorman at mac.com
Sun Jan 12 17:34:24 UTC 2014

From: Clifford Snow [mailto:clifford at snowandsnow.us] 
Sent: Saturday, January 11, 2014 10:16 PM
To: imports; Imports US
Subject: [Imports] Completion of King County Address Import

> Another difference is dropping the tag source=King County GIS. Instead 
> we are including a source:addr:id = SITEID, where SITEID is a unique id 
> used by King County to manage addresses. While an address could be used 
> as a id since they should be unique, King County uses the identifier 
> when an address changes. For example, if an road name is changed, the 
> SITEID would remain the same. Currently no process exists to update 
> based on this field, but we feel that at some point, a need will arise 
> to create such a process. 

Many people, including myself, have included such tags. To my knowledge,
no one has ever used them. Given that you don't have a process for updating,
how does this plan differ?

> We plan to conduct training during the upcoming #Editathon. 

Given that this is a week away, you'll probably need to do this training 
without any actual importing, or use the dev server.

Additional feedback based on the wiki:

- You state that "We plan to follow & update the plan found at import 
  checklist". This probably has been done and that sentence needs revising.

- I suggest the tags import=yes, source= King County GIS (or similar) and 
  not kingcountyaddrimport=yes for changeset tags

- The AWS S3 link is broken, showing a hello world page, so I can't review 
  the OSM XML you've posted

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