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Sat Jan 25 15:36:50 UTC 2014


I have done some work to prepare an import (not discussed yet on this list as it's still a work on progress) of portuguese administrative area.
I tested my code on the Uganda shapefile and, after correcting some issues, I've a result (far from perfect as the source is far from perfect) that can be useful.

The OSM file is here [1] and the (experimental) python code is [2].

The code have been adapted to the uganda shapefile, and does the following :
- build boundary relation for each admin area
- build hierarchy of admin area from the lower admin area (district) build the upper (subregion) : DEACTIVATED as it's not working well for this shapefile
- capitalize names and convert from ISO to UTF8
- construct unique way, simplify it and deal with the 2000 nodes limit
- detect and try to resolve self intersecting way
- detect enclave and exclave and give them the proper outer/inner role (for Uganda there is no inner ring)
- save the result on a local postgres+postgis database

The OSM file still contains "issues" so it can not be used as is, but can probably be edited and fixed manually :
- merging the suboptimal ways (two identical ways but not sharing exactly the same nodes coordinates).
- adjusting the admin_level

There is still one big issue in this OSM file : I removed 1 district because of a loop in the shapefile (and my code goes into an infinite loop).

I hope it can help.


[1] dl.free.fr/mpSmh2T9m
[2] https://github.com/FranciscoDS/uganda_osm.git

2014/01/21 "Satoshi IIDA" <nyampire at gmail.com>

>I made a .osm file but they are NOT relationalized. :) 
>So please do not upload them directory. 
>I think it is better to wait Jo's work. 
>> source file 
>seems contain some errors.(e.g. self crossing ways, suspicious small enclave, or so) 
>might need some validation step, in case of. 

2014/1/22 Jo < winfixit at gmail.com > 

I'm looking into converting your shapefiles into proper OSM relations automatically. It will take a while (a few days) though to finish the script. 

I sent you a file yesterday, but it's better to wait a bit. That was the result of some manual practice to find out how to automate it. 


2014/1/21 Aggrey Muhebwa < muhebwa.grey at gmail.com > 

Hello folks, 

Following Ketty's proposal for the Uganda imports , i decided to start by running the shape file for one district (specifically dokolo district), but for some reason, the generated .osm file has <way>....<.way> instead of <relation>...</relation>. Somewhere, she indicates that of 112 districts, only a couple of them are being processed!! Could it be an issue of wrong data in the shape file that is being fed to the ogr2osm.py script?? 

More to that, along the iway in the discussion, someone(my apologies for not mentioning the name) states that there should be a work-around to that, but that's unclear, given the fact that the ogr2osm.py algorithm follows specific steps (and it doesn't seem to be handling checks for worst case scenarios), then it will always give you wrong output if you feed it wrong imput.. (garbage in, garbage out..). 

My proposal is to make sure that the shape file at the input is correct. is there any way of validating the shape file before running it through the script ?. 



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