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I made a .osm file but they are NOT relationalized. :)
So please do not upload them directory.

I think it is better to wait Jo's work.

> source file
seems contain some errors.(e.g. self crossing ways, suspicious small
enclave, or so)
might need some validation step, in case of.

2014/1/22 Jo <winfixit at gmail.com>

> I'm looking into converting your shapefiles into proper OSM relations
> automatically. It will take a while (a few days) though to finish the
> script.
> I sent you a file yesterday, but it's better to wait a bit. That was the
> result of some manual practice to find out how to automate it.
> Polyglot
> 2014/1/21 Aggrey Muhebwa <muhebwa.grey at gmail.com>
>> Hello folks,
>> Following Ketty's proposal for the Uganda imports<https://lists.openstreetmap.org/pipermail/imports/2014-January/002584.html>,
>> i decided to start by running the shape file for one district (specifically
>> dokolo district), but for some reason, the generated .osm file has
>> <way>....<.way> instead of <relation>...</relation>. Somewhere, she
>> indicates that of 112 districts, only a couple of them are being
>> processed!! Could it be an issue of wrong data in the shape file that is
>> being fed to the ogr2osm.py script??
>> More to that, along the iway in the discussion, someone(my apologies for
>> not mentioning the name) states that there should be a work-around to that,
>> but that's unclear, given the fact that the ogr2osm.py algorithm follows
>> specific steps (and it doesn't seem to be handling checks for worst case
>> scenarios), then it will always give you wrong output if you feed it wrong
>> imput.. (garbage in, garbage out..).
>> My proposal is to make sure that the shape file at the input is correct.
>> is there any way of validating the shape file before running it through the
>> script ?.
>> Thanks
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