[Imports] Importing Tesla Superchargers

Charles Samuels osm at charles.derkarl.org
Sat Apr 11 06:28:50 UTC 2015

I have an implementation of a program to import all worldwide 
Tesla Superchargers into OSM. The source of the data is supercharge.info 
(permission granted, see attachment). I previously used teslamotors.com as my 
datasource, but I received no reply for my requests for permission, and it 
seems less complete than supercharge.info.

supercharge.info publishes both existing superchargers, those that have a 
permit, and those under construction. This import only targets those that 
presently exist.

My software is capable of recurring up-to-datenings based on geographic 
locations of things named "Supercharger". I previously used a tag named 
"tesla:ref", but this is no longer the case, it now searches the map with 
Overpass for nearby things named "Supercharger".

Right now, if a tag doesn't match with supercharge.info, I overwrite OSM's.

Many tesla superchargers are already in OSM: 

This is what the imported node looks like when there's nothing in OSM already:

        <node version='1' id='-236' lat='36.25415' lon='-120.237896'>
                <tag k='name' v='Tesla Supercharger Harris Ranch' />
                <tag k='addr:postcode' v='93210' />
                <tag k='addr:city' v='Coalinga' />
                <tag k='amenity' v='charging_station' />
                <tag k='operator' v='Tesla Motors Inc.' />
                <tag k='capacity' v='6' />
                <tag k='socket:tesla_supercharger' v='6' />
                <tag k='opening_hours' v='24/7' />

This is what the imported node looks like when merged with a present node:

        <node version='6' id='-236' lat='37.02493' lon='-121.56542'>
                <tag k='website' 
v='http://www.teslamotors.com/supercharger/Gilroy' />
                <tag k='operator' v='Tesla Motors Inc.' />
                <tag k='tesla:ref' v='gilroysupercharger' />
                <tag k='opening_hours' v='24/7' />
                <tag k='name' v='Tesla Supercharger Gilroy' />
                <tag k='car' v='yes' /> 
                <tag k='bicycle' v='no' />
                <tag k='amenity' v='charging_station' />
                <tag k='capacity' v='10' />
                <tag k='addr:state' v='CA' />
                <tag k='addr:postcode' v='95020' />
                <tag k='addr:housenumber' v='681' />
                <tag k='addr:city' v='Gilroy' />
                <tag k='socket:tesla_supercharger' v='10' />
                <tag k='addr:street' v='Leavesley Road' />
                <tag k='access' v='customers' />

Here is the result of running the program:

Here is the source code:

Should I fail to maintain it:
	- The data will continue to be relevant. Superchargers tend to not move.
	- Another person can do the maintanence since the source is published 
	- It's still an improvement over what OSM has today, which is a fraction 
of the superchargers that exist right now.
	- By the time I'm likely to stop maintaining, Tesla Motors may slow down 
the rate they're installing new superchargers, so manual maintanence will be 
more viable.

When I do the import, I will create a unique account for it. Suggestions of 
names are welcome. My OSM username is njaard.

Would you like to see "source=supercharge.info"?

Thanks for your attention, I look forward to completing this project and 
making OSM just slightly more complete.

Relevant other mailing lists: talk-de, talk-jp, talk-cn, kart, talk-dk.

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