[Imports] Boundary import of Cologne #2

Johannes jotpe at posteo.de
Sun Aug 9 10:06:22 UTC 2015


I would like to import administrative boundaries (admin_level=11) of
Cologne. The dataset was published by the city administration in 2014 [1].

The license is CC BY 3.0 DE [2], so it should be compatible. Last time,
attribution in the Wiki was sufficient for the publisher.

These boundaries are not unimportant. The sense of community in Cologne
works more on a borough-level than on higher administration levels. Some
Wikipedia articles do exist of them [2] [3].

The dataset contains 387 new relations. I will reuse existing boundary
ways where it is possible. In 2012 I already imported the administrative
boundaries of Cologne with level 9 and 10. This import will be done by
myself and manually with JOSM.

Following key-value pairs will be used, here the example of [2]:

name=Belgisches Viertel
name:en=Belgian Quarter
wikipedia=de:Belgisches Viertel (Köln)

Best regards Johannes

[1] http://www.offenedaten-koeln.de/dataset/stadtviertel
[2] https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Belgisches_Viertel_%28K%C3%B6ln%29
[3] https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Auf_dem_K%C3%B6lnberg

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