[Imports] Import for Red River Parish, Louisiana Roads

Daniel Simpson dsimpson at redriveritc.com
Wed Dec 16 17:57:28 UTC 2015

I am new to the OSM platform, but would like to do a complete import of the
official street names and address ranges for the entire Parish of Red River
(located in NW Louisiana). The data is currently in an ESRI shapefile .shp
format and contains the following attributes:

-          Name

-          Address Ranges per segment (to/from/left/right)

-          City

-          Parish

-          State

-          Zip


This data is official from our local government entity overseeing all GIS
data for Red River Parish. After reviewing existing data on OSM, there are
tons of errors including incorrect names, roads which do not exist, no valid
address ranges, etc. I completed a total re-map project back in 2009 for the
purpose of migrating from rural route postal addresses to physical E911
addresses, so we changed nearly all road names and applied our new number
schematic. We would like to replace all existing road data with our official
parish provided data. I also have an address point shapefile with points for
every physical address on top of the structure. I would like to start with
streets first and then move to the address points. Please advise the best
way to move forward with this. I can provide a link to the shapefiles if


Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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