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Paul Churchley paul at churchley.org
Sun Jan 11 12:21:28 UTC 2015

Open Charge Map (http://openchargemap.org) is a mostly open source database
of electric vehicle charging locations.worldwide. It is mostly data entered
and maintained by the community and licensed viaCC BY-SA 3.0 but it also
contains some imported data covered by other licences.

I am proposing a data bridge between OCM and OSM to:

   - import the 27,000+ locations currently on OCM into OSM
   - provide a mechanism to highlight new OCM entries and to port them into
   - provide a de-duplication function to prevent duplicate nodes being
   entered into OSM as a result of this import
   - provide a mechanism to highlight new charge stations added directly
   into OSM as potential new locations for OCM
   - provide a mechanism to identify changes in geolocation of stations in
   OCM and transferring the new location to the OSM node
   - provide a mechanism to identify stations removed from OCM and to
   remove the charging station attribute, or the entire node, from OSM

The licensing issues are not clear to me. The data on OCM is a mix of CC
BY-SA 3.0 and third-party data imported under their own licenses. However,
I do not propose that we import any data other than open data from OCM. In
fact, I propose that we only import the location, to position the node, and
a reference back to OCM. I am hoping that this will satisfy the OSM
licensing requirements as we are not actually storing anything other than
location and a OCM reference. I am also hoping that as the data being added
to OSM is of a very limited nature that it will also make any import and
bridging considerably easier and simpler.

My OSM experience is limited but I have been an editor for a couple of
years and attended "State of the Map" when it was in Birmingham so at least
I am familiar with the general procedures and I fully appreciate the
importance of licence compliance and the importance of data integrity and
protection within OSM.

Your thoughts would be appreciated.

See https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/OpenChargeMap
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