[Imports] Importing bus stops from NaPTAN

Michael Reichert nakaner at gmx.net
Wed Jul 8 12:58:52 UTC 2015

Hi Stephen,

Am 2015-07-07 um 15:05 schrieb Stephen Dawkins:
> Does this seem like an acceptable way forward?

Have you read the import guidelines at OSM Wiki? If not, please do it!

You have to document your import proposal at OSM Wiki and post the link
to that page at this mailing list.

Once you run your import, please remember to use a separate account for
your import.

Another question: How good is Naptan data? In Germany quality of bus
stop databases is worse than OSM because these databases (each bus
company or network has its own) have been created by clicking on a
Navteq/TeleAtlas background map where the bus stop can be. Please
compare existing bus stops in OSM to those at Naptan.

I think we should only import this data if it is as good as bus stops at
OSM. If Naptan is worse, I would not add the Naptan stops to OSM and add
a fixme=* or stops_missing=true (I have not checke dif stops_missing=*
is already in use, it's just my idea) to the route relation. Other
mappers can use Naptan to find these bus stops and check in reality
where it really is. That's the way we do in Karlsruhe (city and
surrounding county) at the moment. We have a list of emergency access
points (accuracy 30 to 100 metres) by Red Cross and check in field if
they still exist and where they are really mounted.

Best regards


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