[Imports] Nepal VDC's boundaries import

Walter Nordmann walter.nordmann at web.de
Sat May 16 22:50:50 UTC 2015

Hi Rafael,

There are al4, al5, al6 and al8-boundaries in osm. i think, the geometry 
of the new al8-boundaries, wich will be imported, are much better then 
the existing ones.
You describe, what to do whith that old data: delete it and replace it. 
And that ist ok for me.

Everybody should take care of al5 and al4. The newly added limits have 
to be used by those relations too (exept al2). I'v added two screenshots 
of my boundary map (e.g. 
to show them.

I checked your work in nigeria and it is ok to me - i know that you do 
it right. Hopefully jo has the same experiance like us.

i 'm based in germany.

 From my point of view you have to discuss the licence with the 
Licensing Working Group 
<http://wiki.osmfoundation.org/wiki/Licensing_Working_Group> of OSM. 
THEY should say that this is ok. Otherwise you (and we) risk that our 
work will be removed very quickly. Sarah is a great help but that is not 

I will not add one node without OSM-Permission.


> Jo:
> You take one of the 75 district files I will produce. Each file
> contains one district relation (admin_level=6) and all the VDC's
> relations (admin_level=8). You delete all the district limits segments
> (the only segments with admin_level=6), and the district relation. You
> then join the nodes to the OSM district limits, close each of the VDC
> relations that share limits with the district limits, and upload. It
> can take about 20 minutes, may be less or more depending. The 11
> districts with some or all VDC's will take maybe longer. Makes sense?
> The actual workflow will be more detailed, with screenshots, so we can
> follow it strictly. Moreover, we will coordinate through a public
> hackpad or wiki, so we avoid conflicts, specially when having to touch
> region relations and specially the Nepal international boundary
> relation. We could even achieve this just mapping at different times.
> Where are you based?
> Relatively to arguments that the CC-by 3.0 license is incompatible
> with the ODbL, I add here an e-mail of Sarah Hinchliff Pearson, Senior
> counsel of Creative Commons [1], where she answers this question quite
> very clearly: "we do not think CC BY is incompatible with the ODbL.
> People can remix BY-licensed databases and license them under the ODbL".

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