[Imports] Sitka, AK, USA buildings import

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Mon Dec 19 22:55:00 UTC 2016


On 12/19/2016 05:49 AM, Joshua Houston wrote:
> Here is the wikipedia page and I've also added it to the import
> catalogue. https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Sitka,_AK/Buildings_Import

The proposed "delete all old buildings" changes also contain changes to
two multipolygon relations which previously had buildings as their
"inner" rings and are now left without these; in one of the cases, the
multipolygon (http://www.openstreetmap.org/relation/3970420) becomes
useless after the edit. It is, however, a matter of taste anyway whether
or not to put buildings as inner rings in surrounding landuse.

I noticed that while you copied over most entrance nodes, you left them
out in a couple of places e.g. here


where you're replacing the building with an almost identical one just
without the entrance nodes, or for Sitka Pioneer Home which loses one of
the entrances. Is that an oversight, or on purpose?

There are minor other changes in tags, e.g. "Russian Block House" =>
"Russian Blockhouse".

Why has Mt. Edgecumbe Hospital lost its "amenity=hospital" tag? Maybe
there's a general problem with amenity tags, it seems that Keet Gooshi
Heen Elementary and Sitka High School have lost theirs too. - Perhaps
double check if this has happened to other tags?

For reference here's an OSM file that contains all the ways objects
you're proposingto delete - if you load this in JOSM as a separate layer
in addition to your import file you can spot the differences:


I would normally also recommend that you make sure those whose work
you're replacing are happy with it but it seems that you're mostly
replacing your own, earlier work in this case ;)


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