[Imports] GDOŚ data import

Øystein Bjørndal obtitus at gmail.com
Sat Jul 2 09:30:11 UTC 2016

Hi, just some comments.

>> There's quite a few strange
>> things about your import - tags that seem superfluous, and strange
>> multipolygons like this
>> http://www.openstreetmap.org/relation/6298112#map=15/51.3748/22.5863
>> - do these four stripes really form one unit, legally?
> All the polygons if they are part same relation share same INSPIRE code
> tagged as "kodinspire" which determines if it was meant to be together
> or not therefore yes they form one unit.
The fact that they share tags do not (necessarily!) imply a multipolygons in OSM. 
But I do not know what a INSPIRE code implies, so I will leave that to others.

> I could not find any
> information as of how that tag should be translated into other used in
> OSM so I just left it in the original form just like provided by the
> government.
The number of tags in use in OSM is huge, if you could not find any relevant OSM
tags to translate into, imply that the tag should not be imported. Simply
because the data exist does not imply that it is a good fit for import into OSM.

>> And, worst of all, is there *anything* on the ground about these areas,
>> anything that makes them verifiable?
>> Data that is not verifiable on the ground is generally unsuitable for
>> OSM; exceptions can be made but there must be a very good reason for
>> them. I really have difficulties seeing what the use of a 200 by 5 metre
>> strip of "protect_class=19" somewhere in a Polish forest might be -
>> someone who needs this data surely could simply open the government's
>> shape file?
>> The strength of OSM is that others can build on the data; go there, add
>> information they see on the ground, improve data... your import doesn't
>> seem to be amenable to that very much. Why did you import it - what is
>> your use case?
>> Bye
>> Frederik
> But the way during the import I have not added the main tag
> leisure=nature_reserve which I believe should be in there as well.
I would much rather have leisure=nature_reserve than protect_class=19, if someone needs to
know the ‘protect_class’ they should be able to find that elsewhere. A crucial step in preparing
and discussing a import is to ‘normalize’ the tags to fit OSM.

Øystein Bjørndal

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