[Imports] GDOŚ data import

Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Sat Jul 2 14:17:09 UTC 2016

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> Il giorno 02 lug 2016, alle ore 11:30, Øystein Bjørndal <obtitus at gmail.com> ha scritto:
> The number of tags in use in OSM is huge, if you could not find any relevant OSM
> tags to translate into, imply that the tag should not be imported. Simply
> because the data exist does not imply that it is a good fit for import into OSM.

there are lots of similar tags in osm, mostly deriving from imports referring to the original datasets in their names, and hardly if and ever used later on. One of the problems is that the following mappers don't know how to deal with them when they modify the data, because the meaning (of the value) is mostly not documented 

> I would much rather have leisure=nature_reserve than protect_class=19, if someone needs to
> know the ‘protect_class’ they should be able to find that elsewhere. A crucial step in preparing
> and discussing a import is to ‘normalize’ the tags to fit OSM.

nature reserve is a very generic tag that doesn't imply a lot because it's used on all kinds if protected areas. It also doesn't tell you about protection importance/hierarchy  (e.g. UN level, European Union level, national level, regional, etc.), nor the kind of reserve (forest, water protection, birds protection, ...)


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