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Clifford Snow clifford at snowandsnow.us
Wed Jul 27 20:09:53 UTC 2016

On Wed, Jul 27, 2016 at 11:22 AM, Levente Juhász <jlevente89 at gmail.com>

> According to the Wiki, addr:city is not needed in general "if there are
> valid border polygons" - which is the case in Miami-Dade. These entries
> were not populated because "city" is missing from the county's address
> dataset, though. Nominatim will have no trouble finding the right city
> based on addr:housenumber and addr:street. (e.g. see an address without
> city:
> https://nominatim.openstreetmap.org/search.php?q=1180+sw+137th+ave+miamI&polygon=1&viewbox=
> )

I agree. We do have spatial database. I tend to add city only because
sometime the addresses fall outside of the city boundary but use the city

> As for the abbreviated prefixes, it just didn't seem natural to spell out
> Northeast. Both the County and USPS list street prefixes in an abbreviated
> format so I think that should be considered the "official" address.
> However, we see your point. And since all streets in OSM seem to have names
> like "Northeast 18th Avenue", we are going to compile with this existing
> notation and will spell out all prefixes as well. So Northeast 18th Avenue
> it is!
> (OFF: And while this is outside of the scope of our import, it raises some
> interesting questions. Of course they shouldn't be addressed here but in a
> different thread instead. I haven't received a single mail saying
> "Northeast 18th Avenue". They're all sent to "NE 18th Ave". Also,
> abbreviated addresses are used in official documents, like government IDs
> and so on. So why not using the official US address in OSM instead of
> spelling out everything?)

Not only is the mail addressed as NE instead of Northeast but street signs
use NE. However, the consensus in the community is that addresses should be
spelled out. The reason is that software can easily abbreviate a name but
has a hard time unabbreviating a name.

I use PostGIS to convert  abbreviated names. You are welcome to use my list
of conversions. It isn't complete and I welcome updates. You can find the
sql code at https://github.com/cliffordsnow/sql


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