[Imports] Import in progress: NYC DEP Watershed Recreation Areas

Kevin Kenny kevin.b.kenny+osm at gmail.com
Sun Jun 5 03:00:24 UTC 2016

I've now begun the import for the NYC DEP Watershed Recreation Areas.

According to the plan, I've imported the units that lie in a single
township out of the forty townships that contain these areas. (Town of
Andes - the first of the list in alphabetical order). The changeset
for this activity is https://www.openstreetmap.org/changeset/39807853

JOSM uploaded the areas without errors or warnings.

A quick visual check at least appears plausible. I notice several things:

There are numerous cases where the parcel is clearly supposed to be at
a fixed setback from a highway. Some of these do not align to the
highway. In every case that I checked visually against Bing Aerial.
New York City is right and TIGER is wrong. Virtually all the highways
in the area are unreviewed TIGER ways.

The alignment of the protected_area boundaries with the New York State
lands is rather untidy. There has been considerably interagency
coordination of these in recent years, and the current version of
'NYSDEP Lands' is in considerably better alignment with the New York
City data. That misalignment is one of a number of reasons why I think
that the 'NYSDEP Lands' file should be reimported, and not just have
its tagging fixed by a mechanical edit. I'm still working on a plan
for this. I think I may be close to a breakthrough on techniques for
semiautomatic repair of the sort of mildly inconsistent cadastral data
that we have here.

According to the plan, I'll now stop for a week, so that if there are
any screams of horror, there will be only a single changeset,
consisting only of added objects, to be reverted.

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