[Imports] JOSM Plugin for Austrian Addresses

Pavel Machek pavel at ucw.cz
Sun Nov 20 15:21:00 UTC 2016


> > Il giorno 19 nov 2016, alle ore 12:42, Thomas Konrad <osm at thomaskonrad.at> ha scritto:
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> > Now the first question I have is whether or not this is even considered an import, because what the plugin does is that id assigns the address to exactly one selected object in JOSM [4]. There is no possibility to do a bulk assignment.
> yes, I'd consider this an import because the data is not your own but coming from a different source (the government office). It does not matter (for this question) if you do it manually one by one or in one go automatically. 

Well, question is if most work is done manually at time of import, or
if most work is already done in the data being imported.

> > 
> > My second question: Is it really required for a user to use a separate OSM account to assign a single address? I would say no, because then the Czech Building import [5] would have the same requirements, right?
> as has been said above: you should use a distinct import account, and whether others haven't done so in the past doesn't change the situation.

I was not involved in buildings import, but as far as I can say...

In first versions of the czech building "import", users were tracing
outlines from scanned maps. Quite substantial task, not too different
from tracing roads in satellite images. (And then automation got
better and better and then we got digital maps).

Requiring separate account for task such as that would be "a bit too
cumbersome" for users doing the "import".

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