[Imports] Province of Biella open data import

Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Mon Nov 21 12:11:34 UTC 2016

2016-11-21 12:26 GMT+01:00 Andrea Musuruane <musuruan at gmail.com>:

> Two lines below:
> Additional statement by the Province of Biella:
> https://github.com/musuruan/osm_imports/blob/master/prov_
> bi/sita_biella_cc_by_3.txt
> "I nostri dati sono associati a licenza di tipo CC BY 3.0 IT e riteniamo
> che la sua proposta di attribuzione alla pagine wiki di openstreetmap
> soddisfi le condizioni di licenza."

You can see a summary of the community's evaluation of license
compatibility between the ODbL and different (selected) licenses here:


According to the current status it seems desirable to have a statement in
writing that "credit on the Contributors
<https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Contributors> page is sufficient to
fulfil attribution requirements including downstream use in works derived
from OSM", i.e. state that downstream use attribution requirements are
satisfied with the listing on the the OSM contributors page and crediting

Aside from the license compatibility there's always a burden regarding
imports and the CTs that are hardly ever considered in the import process
(license changes as foreseen in the CT).

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