[Imports] Building footprints for Bend, Oregon

Christoph Hormann chris_hormann at gmx.de
Thu Oct 6 14:40:43 UTC 2016

On Thursday 06 October 2016, Clifford Snow wrote:
> I believe that Oregon has an open data law so the permission
> statement probably isn't really required.

Well - then a link to the law in question would be helpful.

> > - your plan outline indicates you plan to add attributes (in
> > particular height) to the import data (and possibly also existing
> > data in OSM) from separate, automatically produced and originally
> > unrelated data without manual per case review - a.k.a. bot mapping.
> >  There are many mappers who believe such data should be kept
> > separate and should not get into the OSM database because it would
> > make work more difficult both for mappers and data users.
> I haven't heard that building height shouldn't be added to building
> footprints. Can you provide a link to some documentation on why
> height shouldn't be added to building footprints?

Huh? Don't think i have said anything along those lines.

What i was talking about is the problem of a mechanical edit or import 
of such data produced through a fully automated process without 
individual manual verification.

Christoph Hormann

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