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Thu Oct 20 14:37:00 UTC 2016

What is highly questionable about two levels of Government reaching out to
the community to help them with complying/importing authoritative data? US
has tiger data(I'm aware it's not the greatest example), Canada has
(CanVec). Now we are down to a municipal level and the data(especially
addresses that they maintain a database of for emergency services, etc) is
incorrect and doesnt match real life. As for the building footprints I have
addressed this already:

We seem to be turning in a circle around "building source data is not
publicly available", it's not because of it's held up by bureaucracy which
is non-constructive. The source data was handed to StatsCan which we use as
our source(I linked you the geojson that has 2 attributes added to it so
JOSM wouldn't render a bunch of tagless ways and could make sense of it, if
you want the original data: remove both tags).

I completely understand that you don't want a bunch of garbage data added
to OSM that will take years to clean up, neither do we, hell it's where we
live and we'd be only punishing ourselves! The thing you have to understand
is this preparation has been going for over a year now (see:
(documentation started)). Even though we had an incompatible license, the
data was still available to play with and analyse

I get your concerns of problems that may arise during this import, this is
what this process is for is it not? To address concerns people may have.

On Thu, Oct 20, 2016 at 9:50 AM, James <james2432 at gmail.com> wrote:

> If you are complaining that it doesnt have "ê" you are going to have to
> talk to the city of ottawa as that street does not have it(I know it I live
> near there). There is no street sign as it is a private development. Take a
> look at:
> http://maps.ottawa.ca/geoottawa/
> or google maps or even geobase roads(canvec) there is no "ê"
> or even: http://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=19/45.47941/-75.52464
> Maybe you can create a language board as Québec did to control French
> display, but in Ontario! (https://www.oqlf.gouv.qc.ca/accueil.aspx)
> On Thu, Oct 20, 2016 at 9:47 AM, Christoph Hormann <chris_hormann at gmx.de>
> wrote:
>> On Thursday 20 October 2016, James wrote:
>> > Why are you linking a french wiki page of forest?
>> >
>> > Un Foret
>> > Des Forets
>> >
>> I think it's "des forêts".
>> Notice the difference?
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>> Christoph Hormann
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