[Imports] Import of buildings heights in Montpellier, France

Ilya Zverev ilya at zverev.info
Sat Dec 9 18:13:27 UTC 2017

ODbL is not compatible with Contributor's Terms, which you agreed to 
when registering to the OpenStreetMap. Even CC-BY is not.

And the licensing is not stupidity, it's a safeguard against issues that 
may arise in ten or twenty years, when a new owner of the data suddenly 
desides to pull an Oracle on OSM consumers.


09.12.2017 20:19, Pavel Machek пишет:
> On Tue 2017-10-31 23:17:58, Tobias Knerr wrote:
>> On 31.10.2017 22:52, Vincent Frison wrote:
>> > The data sources are Digital Elevation Models (terrain + surface) which
>> > are available on the open data portal of the city of Montpellier.
>> For my 3D rendering projects, I'd love more building height data. But
>> the fact that this data source is ODbL-licensed (according to your wiki
>> page) makes importing it a bad idea.
> So you are proposing a system where we can't even import ODbL licensed data?
> That's pretty stupid, right?
>> In the past, government data sources have sometimes granted an explicit
>> permission to use their data for contributing to OSM, not limited to a
>> particular license. Is there any chance for such an solution in Montpellier?
> Is there chance to forget about this relicensing stupidity?
> Getting 3rd party entities to agree to ODbL is bad enough... Give us data
> and we can relicense any way we want is no-go.
> 									Pavel

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