[Imports] Encarnación, Paraguay / Center's buildings Import

Rafael Avila Coya ravilacoya at gmail.com
Wed Dec 13 21:19:07 UTC 2017

Hola, Lucía:

Thank you for submitting this import for review and with the goal of 
improving the map of Paraguay :)

First: have you discussed this import with the local Paraguay OSM 
community? This is compulsory as per the import guidelines [1].

You say this will be a one time import, but I've spotted more than 1770 
buildings already in the area you want to do the import. In the wiki you 
say "none" under Conflaction section.

I see that many important buildings all around the import area are left 
behind unmapped, while next to them, smaller ones are mapped. This will 
lead to an inconsistent and a bit weird map. See this image [2].

Data quality: Just running the JOSM validator, I can see:


1) 657 duplicated nodes and 1 one node ways (that can be fixed with the 
JOSM validator)

2) 16 ways containing segment twice (no possible to fix with the validator).


1) 15 duplicated nodes. Fixable with validator.

2) 9676 overlaping ways. Non fixable with validator. With such a huge 
number of ways, you can expect all kind of errors. I've just checked the 
first 3, and saw a duplicated building, and two buildings that overlap 
over other 2 or 3 buildings.

3) 21 self-crossing ways. Non fixable with validator.

4) 668 self-intersecting ways.

5) 8 nodes without tag and not connected to any object. Fixable with 

Such amount of geometry issues should be solved *before* any attempt to 
import this data to OSM, not after.

Tagging: you don't mention specifically that you will delete all 
original tags from the original dataset (probably you forgot). In any 
case, there might be tags that could be interesting to use if they give 
info we could use for OSM. What I mean is that maybe (or maybe not) 
NRO_MZ, ZONA, ESTADO or LOTE could be of use if they are related to real 
things we can map, like names of administrative entities for example.

Changeset tags:

I would add:


Note that it's more convenient to have the import wiki in a more general 
folder, like under Paraguay wiki for example.

Import user: No reference to what user you want to use for this import. 
Every import has to be done with an ad-hoc user, not a standard OSM user.

Note that I don't say this import isn't interesting, just the contrary. 
But as it is now, it needs quite a lot of improvement before we can 
safely import the data.

As you can see from my comments, some issues can be solved easily, but 
others are not. And they are many.

One possibility would be to have a good group of interested people (very 
prefered if they are paraguayan) and correct the data by areas (dividing 
the data in several parts and giving them to each one). That would make 
the import much more reliable, and more collaborative too.

A year ago I organized one import of several types of objects of Thimpu 
city (Kingdom of Bhutan). Among them were building footprints [3]. Maybe 
it can give you some extra ideas on how to improve the preparation of 
the import.

Un saludo cordial,


[1] Paso 2. Consultas a la comunidad: 

On 13/12/17 21:12, Lucy Ganchozo Llano wrote:
> Hello,
> I just want to inform that I'm part ofMapPYOSM 
> <https://www.facebook.com/mappyosm/>'s team and we're going to import 
> the buildings from the center of Encarnación, Paraguay.
> By mapping in OSM and doing this import job, we aim to solve the lack of 
> a basic cartography in our country: Paraguay.
> The data are under ODbL, they're in shapefile format and was provided by 
> Ecosistema Urbano, the enterprise hired for the elaboration of the Plan 
> Encarnación Más.
> https://www.dropbox.com/sh/4c6nyk50fljc1w5/AACULmnSEXBL6qDxxYOILYcOa?dl=0
> More details are available here:
> https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/User:Lucyintheskypy
> Regards,
> Lucia Ganchozo.
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