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Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sat Dec 16 00:00:05 UTC 2017


On 12/15/2017 11:31 PM, Damian Rollison wrote:
> We ask that you please take a look at the data at the following site and
> check the tagging and locations: 

I have little knowledge of Walmart and therefore should leave the floor
to  people with local knowledge. I see that another commenter has
already assessed your contribution to be superior with no questions
asked within an amazingly short time. I hope you will find more diligent
reviewers like him; careful reviews like that are what make an import a
success for both businesses and the community.

I have randomly selected only one of the > 4000 objects from the browse
link (http://www.remote.org/frederik/tmp/nampa.jpg) and have the
following observations/questions, but ultimately this is of course
something the US community should decide and I'm an ocean away.

1. Do you happen to have building outlines too, or is there a process by
which whoever adds the thing to OSM can quickly add the building outline
from aerial imagery? It seems like not too much extra work, if one looks
at 4000 POIs anyway, to quickly trace a building to go with it.

2. In my particular example, there seems to be a pharmacy in OSM that is
mapped separately, but also called "Wal-Mart". The import does nothing
to the pharmacy. I don't know if all Wal-Marts have a pharmacy - the
pharmacy POI is certainly within the Wal-Mart building. Is that a
completely separate issue, or would e.g. your opening times information
apply to the pharmacy as well?

3. Personally I am a bit skeptical about the shop names; I see that in
my example you are changing "Wal-Mart" to "Walmart Supercenter" and I
assume that Wal-Mart will, like many other chains, have different
classes of supermarkets and will have different trade names for these -
super, hyper, metro, local, whatever. I'm not sure if these
chain-specific denominations are really desirable to have in the name
tag; they seem to me to be more a marketing tool than anything else. I
have checked Google Street View for this particular Walmart bulding and
the sign on the building just says "Walmart", not "Walmart Supercenter".
I would probably be tempted to map it as such - i.e. "name=Walmart", not
"name=Walmart Supercenter". (It's also easier on the map - a longer name
runs a higher risk of being dropped due to space constraints.)

4. In my particular example, you have set an "addr:full" tag that
contains the street and house number, but you have not set
"addr:housenumber" or "addr:street". What we would normally do is have
"addr:housenumber" and "addr:street" (where we would neither abbreviate
the "East" nor the "Road" in "East Franklin Road"), and the "addr:full"
is optional. If "addr:full" is used (which is completely optional), it
would normally contain city and post code as well.


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