[Imports] Walmart import

Tobias Knerr osm at tobias-knerr.de
Sun Dec 17 02:53:17 UTC 2017

Hi Damian,

On 15.12.2017 23:31, Damian Rollison wrote:
> My name is Damian Rollison and I work for Brandify, a company that helps
> multi-location businesses get listed accurately on maps and directories.
> One of our clients is Walmart, and we have prepared an Open Street Map
> import file containing all Walmart locations in the United States.

welcome to this list, and thank you for working together with the OSM
community to make this import a success! It's very encouraging that
Brandify is setting out to get it right from the start, and that gives
me trust for your future data import projects.

Others like Frederik and Damjan have already pointed out some potential
for further improvements such as the address tagging, so I don't have
much to add in that regard after a cursory look at the data.

> We have full permission from Walmart to publish their location data in
> any map or directory including Open Street Map.

This sounds like Brandify will be able to grant the full rights outlined
in the Contributor Terms, and the data is not tied specifically to the
ODbL. If so, that's fantastic to hear! In light of some recent
discussions on this list, that's an arrangement pretty much anyone
should be happy with. :)

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