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         I could not be happier to see Walmart added. When the hurricane
was bearing down on the Texas coast, I added as many Walmarts as  I
could find near the eye's projected landfall. Walmart is big with lots of
backup and therefore likely to reopen quickly and be resource for the area.
         I hope they will respond to Frederik's 
excellent and detailed suggestions.


At 04:00 PM 12/15/2017, you wrote:
>Hi, On 12/15/2017 11:31 PM, Damian Rollison wrote:
> > We ask that you please take a look at the data at the following site and
> > check the tagging and locations:
>I have little knowledge of Walmart and therefore should leave the floor to
>people with local knowledge. I see that another commenter has already
>assessed your contribution to be superior with no questions asked within
>an amazingly short time.
>I hope you will find more diligent reviewers like him; careful reviews like
>that are what make an import a success for both businesses and the
>I have randomly selected only one of the > 4000 objects from the browse
>link (http://www.remote.org/frederik/tmp/nampa.jpg) and have the following
>observations/questions, but ultimately this is of course something the US
>community should decide, and I'm an ocean away.
>1. Do you happen to have building outlines too, or is there a process by
>which whoever adds the thing to OSM can quickly add the building outline
>from aerial imagery? It seems like not too much extra work, if one looks at
>4000 POIs anyway, to quickly trace a building to go with it.
>2. In my particular example, there seems to be a pharmacy in OSM that is
>mapped separately, but also called "Wal-Mart". The import does nothing to
>the pharmacy. I don't know if all Wal-Marts have a pharmacy - the pharmacy
>POI is certainly within the Wal-Mart building. Is that a completely separate
>issue, or would e.g. your opening times information apply to the pharmacy
>as well?
>3. Personally I am a bit skeptical about the shop names; I see that in my
>example you are changing "Wal-Mart" to "Walmart Supercenter," and I
>assume that Wal-Mart will, like many other chains, have different classes of
>supermarkets and will have different trade names for these - super, hyper,
>metro, local, whatever. I'm not sure if these 
>chain-specific denominations are
>really desirable to have in the name tag; they seem to me to be more a
>marketing tool than anything else. I have checked Google Street View for this
>particular Walmart bulding and the sign on the building just says "Walmart,"
>not "Walmart Supercenter". I would probably be tempted to map it as such -
>i.e. "name=Walmart", not "name=Walmart Supercenter". (It's also easier on
>the map - a longer name runs a higher risk of being dropped due to space
>4. In my particular example, you have set an 
>"addr:full" tag that contains the
>street and house number, but you have not set "addr:housenumber" or
>"addr:street." What we would normally do is have "addr:housenumber" and
>"addr:street" (where we would neither abbreviate the "East" nor the "Road"
>in "East Franklin Road"), and the "addr:full" is 
>optional. If "addr:full" is used
>(which is completely optional), it would 
>normally contain city and post code as
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