[Imports] Canton of Bern Address Import (GEBADR list)

michael spreng talk at osm.datendelphin.net
Wed Jan 18 13:23:56 UTC 2017

Hi Andrea
> I'm a bit confused. If you have an ESRI shapefile available why don't
> you use ogr2osm for the data transformation? It would be much easier
> and less error prone.
I guess you are talking abut the data transformation process mentioned
on the wiki. I agree with you. But turns out YBJazzer who did the work
likes spreadsheets better. So I guess we should accept that there are
many roads to get the same result. I did a cross check with ogr2ogr, and
it works out.
> Moreover, I can't see anything about QA in the wiki.
Here I don't know what you would like to suggest. We did have a thorough
look at the data, and there are exceptions where we will not use the
data, and also a transformation to mach osm tagging scheme. Most of this
was discussed on the Swiss mailing list (We did post a link to this
mailing list in the initial Mail in November. Look for discussion
threads mentioning GEBADR or Gebäudeadressen Bern)
Also, due to the manual process, each address will be checked by a
mapper who is at least familiar with mapping in the canton of Bern.
Please elaborate if I did not answer your question.

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