[Imports] U.S.-Mexico border fence update

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You can create an OSM doc without uploading it.  Perhaps create theOSM doc
with the fence with all the attributes converted into OSM compatible data.
 you could link to this doc on the wiki page for the upload.

Make sure you follow the guidelines.

You are already doing a great job by communicating here on the imports
mailling list.

I think if at all possible you should try to incorporate the data you have
into the data already in the map.  What sort of stuff have you changed that
would be difficult to sync up?


2017-01-23 17:12 GMT-05:00 Michael Corey <mcorey at revealnews.org>:

> Hello:
> (Also posted in talk-us)
> Several years ago I did a lot of work adding sections of the U.S.-Mexico
> border fence to OSM. In light of the new U.S. president's intention to
> expand the fence/wall system, I have been updating that work for our
> news organization. We have now mapped the entire existing fence with
> significantly more official data and more information about individual
> segments.
> I would like to share this work back into OpenStreetMap, but it may be
> difficult to modify or sync up with my old work, since I have
> changed/added/subtracted significant features.
> Does anyone have thoughts on how to do this most efficiently and without
> causing major headaches? I would like to share the maps on both OSM and
> on Github, so I will need some kind of workflow to keep everything
> synced up.
> The current fence is captured by this relation:
> https://www.openstreetmap.org/relation/2266294
> Any advice people have from past experience would be most welcome.
> Thanks much,
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