[Imports] One user, many imports, many accounts?

Michael Reichert osm-ml at michreichert.de
Tue Nov 14 19:13:18 UTC 2017


from time to time I remind users participating in imports to use a
dedicated account for their participation. [1] A Canadian asked me
yesterday if a user who participates in multiple imports needs one
account per import or if one account for all imports is sufficient. [2]

I think that a user only has to create one account for all imports if it
is possible to distinguish independent imports (good and meaningful
changeset comments!). The main idea behind this requirement is that if
anything is wrong the import (e.g. technical or legal issues), anyone
(including the mapper himself) can revert the import with less
collateral damage.

What are your opinions?

Best regards


[1] I don't revert imports just because they were uploaded with the
wrong account. Sometimes users accidentially use the wrong account. This
happens even to me. In other cases users are not aware that this
requirement exists (it is hidden in the guideline).
[2] The personal message was a response to a changeset comment by me.

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