[Imports] One user, many imports, many accounts?

Kevin Kenny kevin.b.kenny at gmail.com
Wed Nov 15 00:33:15 UTC 2017

Oops, sent this from the wrong account, and I know the system will bounce it:

I've done several imports, wtih separate accounts. One reason for this
is that I can see the changes that went into each import easily from
the web UI of OSM, by pulling up the change history of the account
that did the import.

None of the imports was more than a few hundred areas or relations, so I
didn't feel the need to work out how to use the tasking manager and
bring others up to speed. I'm a competent programmer, and was able to
begin the import of most objects with mechanical edits (an external
script commanding JOSM to download specific data and make particular
changes, often in a new layer to then be copied-and-pasted). The
manual work after the mechanical edit ranged from seconds ("OK, that
looks good, and nothing was there in the map before") to hours ("Oh
$LC_DEITY, I have to conflate this thing with the shoreline and
islands of Lake XXX").

I can't recall having messed up and done an import with my own account
rather than the import. But I've messed up and gone the other way,
doing ordinary edits under an import account. I've not reverted those
edits. I added changeset comments describing the mistake.

On Tue, Nov 14, 2017 at 2:43 PM, Clifford Snow <clifford at snowandsnow.us> wrote:
> I use just one import accounts which I admit that I do forget to use from
> time to time. Because JOSM doesn't make the username noticeable, I often use
> my import account when I'm not working on an import.  I do not see a need
> for separate accounts for different imports.
> Since the Tasking Manager became available for doing imports, it is the only
> way I participate in or create an import. The main reason is that the
> importer has to look at the area they are working in unlike a bulk upload.
> While it is technically an import, it also has amount of manual effort to
> help improve the quality of the import. A side benefit is that the tasking
> manager adds hashtags to the changeset comment. Those hashtags are probably
> better indicators of what to revert than the username.
> I'd recommend that a unique changeset comment is all that is needed, at
> least for imports using the Tasking Manager.
> Clifford
> On Tue, Nov 14, 2017 at 11:13 AM, Michael Reichert <osm-ml at michreichert.de>
> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> from time to time I remind users participating in imports to use a
>> dedicated account for their participation. [1] A Canadian asked me
>> yesterday if a user who participates in multiple imports needs one
>> account per import or if one account for all imports is sufficient. [2]
>> I think that a user only has to create one account for all imports if it
>> is possible to distinguish independent imports (good and meaningful
>> changeset comments!). The main idea behind this requirement is that if
>> anything is wrong the import (e.g. technical or legal issues), anyone
>> (including the mapper himself) can revert the import with less
>> collateral damage.
>> What are your opinions?
>> Best regards
>> Michael
>> [1] I don't revert imports just because they were uploaded with the
>> wrong account. Sometimes users accidentially use the wrong account. This
>> happens even to me. In other cases users are not aware that this
>> requirement exists (it is hidden in the guideline).
>> [2] The personal message was a response to a changeset comment by me.
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