[Imports] Conflation Auditing Tool

Ilya Zverev ilya at zverev.info
Thu Nov 23 20:57:29 UTC 2017


You might know of OSM Conflator, which takes a dataset of points and 
merges it with OpenStreetMap data. It has many settings and options, 
with the wiki page of 13 kilobytes. I have successfully used it on few 
imports, but there were some for which this sophisticated system wasn't 

So today I'd like to show you an additional tool I've made. It takes a 
json file that the Conflator produces, presents it on the web and allows 
any OSM user to see and possibly modify the conflation result. That is, 
you can choose which tags go to OSM for any object, or correct a 
position, or tell it to not import certain objects. It is a bit like 
MapRoulette, but without any mapping to do.

There is a project you can experiment on, clicking buttons and moving 


The tool is open source, as always, and anybody can set it up on their 
server or locally to review an import before uploading. There is no 
tutorial at the moment, but I assume the interface is not too complex.

I'll be grateful for any issues found and for suggestions on improvements.


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