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To answer you're question Frederik, if we take take the total
population(36million) and devide it by the average house hold family size(3
to 4) it would give about 9-10 million. Now I know this doesnt factor in
not everyone lives in a detached home(apartment) and commercial buildings,
so they might balance out. This doesnt also factor in buildings already
added in highly populated areas(vancouver, montreal, toronto, ottawa etc)

So a good guess would be less then 10 million and above 5 million.

We have less population then the State of California and as buildings
correlate with population, it doesnt seem like that much information in the
grand scheme of things(entire planet, or a highly populated city in India)

On Oct 18, 2017 5:04 PM, "Frederik Ramm" <frederik at remote.org> wrote:

> Hi,
> On 10/18/2017 10:00 PM, Stewart C. Russell wrote:
> > Hi - just as an initial heads-up, Statistics Canada - effectively, the
> > Canadian Federal Government - wishes to have all of Canada's buildings
> > on OSM by 2020.
> I'm sure there are many people who wish that some data were in OSM by
> some deadline. This doesn't mean that their wishes automatically come
> true ;)
> What support (in terms of manpower, money, or other resources) are
> Statistics Canada offering in return for their wishes being granted?
> > This will entail major imports of municipal data and
> > superhuman efforts on the part of the LWG to keep track of and approve
> > all of Canada's many data licences.
> It is good that the web page has some numbers ("It is expected that the
> number of buildings that needs to be added is about 10 million"). It
> would be greater still if you could work with these numbers a bit and
> come up with some estimates:
> * 10 million buildings - what will that do to the current OSM database,
> will it grow by 0.01%, 0.1%, or 1% as a result? (At the danger of
> sounding greedy - and I think as the OSMF treasurer I have a license to
> be - such a figure would allow us to say "hey, adding these 10 million
> buildings costs approximately X on the hardware side, would you care to
> make a donation?")
> * Do you already have an idea what percentage will come from imports?
> * How can you ensure that you have local (!) people performing the
> imports? Can Statistics Canada help train people and hold events in
> areas where the OSM community is thin on the ground? "Building Canada
> 2020" should be a good enough battle cry to rally interested parties
> even if they're not already in OSM.
> * How much work will be required to do the necessary quality checks on
> the imports (compare to existing data, aerial imagery etc.)? From my own
> experience I'd guess I can perhaps handle 200 buildings an hour which
> would extrapolate to 50,000 person-hours but it would be great if you
> could come up with an idea yourself. Are you looking for 5 people
> putting in 10,000 hours each, or 5000 people putting in 10 hours each?
> I liked that you wrote,
> "Although it may be reasonably expected that the bulk of baseline data
> will be provided by existing administrative open data, it is recognized
> that all of these methods are equally important to achieve the objective
> of Building Canada 2020."
> Bye
> Frederik
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