[Imports] RFC for Canton Basel-Stadt Building and Address Import

Johannes Singler johannes at singler.name
Tue Oct 24 04:59:25 UTC 2017

Hi everyone,

after discussing this on the Swiss OSM mailing list (talk-ch), I hereby 
announce the plan for importing building outlines and addresses for the 
Canton Basel-Stadt in Switzerland.
The import is semi-automatic and will initially comprise several 
thousand buildings and their addresses.  Later, the same workflow can be 
used to further improve accuracy in already covered areas, and to keep 
up with real-world changes.

The import wiki page can be found here:

I do not conceal that an import following similar guidelines had been 
conducted in 2015/2016, but without review on the Imports mailing list. 
That former import has already covered 80% of the buildings and 
addresses. The import proposed here aims a continuation of this work 
backed by standard procedures, i.e. getting it reviewed on the Imports list.

I'm a local mapper living in the area and will contribute myself to the 

Looking forward to your comments,

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