[Imports] Imports Digest, Vol 100, Issue 7

OSM Volunteer stevea steveaOSM at softworkers.com
Wed Oct 18 22:53:08 UTC 2017

Please, chill, everybody; keep it civil.  Notice good intentions and even complement them when warranted.  I see good initial intentions:  "certain" data imported by 2020.  This is a goal, a milestone.  Use good project management while hewing to the tenets of our project, like achieving consensus.  Hurling powerful and easily-misunderstood words like "blackmail" doesn't help.

When the "distances" are "rather long" as they seem to be here, this will take a number of people to discuss, then agree, plan well and execute well.  At least a few, likely several, and ultimately dozens and maybe hundreds as the work progresses and eventually completes.

No good work began without a plan.  I look forward to the "final" results, too.  Then, there are the beginning (already begun) and the middle.


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