[Imports] useing shapfiles like a background image

Jens Jackowski jens.jackowski at gmail.com
Sun Sep 10 20:56:50 UTC 2017

the swedish "lantmateriet" has decidet to put theier data under CCO licence
(since the 1/9 2017)

I like to use the data for improving the map while i am mapping.

The lantmateriets maps are an normal source for improvment of the map.
Since a long time it is common to use older (free) versions of their maps
as a background image.

Now the are providing their information in shapefile format.

I do not plan any "big" import of this data, i just want to use the
shapefiles as i use the background map. Only that i will make my work a
lite bit mor comfortbal by copying the providet outlines of the shapfiles
instead of "redrawing" them from a backgroundimage. I want to do this one
by one like i do while mapping from backgroundimagery.

Since one user has expressed his concern that i could be a "import" that
needs permission i write this email to give a chance to express your

Since i do not want to import data att one point but want to use the
shapefiles as a normal source under my normal mapping acitivities it is
nearly impossible to follow the normal import procedure.

I should macarice if any user that is involved in more deep diskussion
could make the import guidlines clear att that point. I do not see any big
difference between redrawing backgroundimagery and using shapefiledata in
the same way.

 I guess that i can be more and more common with shapefiledata that can be
used like normal background images but easier options to work with.

This is my first post to import mailinglist and i was never engaged in
discussions about import guidelines.

Your sincerly
OSM-user: Skinfaxi
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