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Hi Ilya,

Am 28.03.2018 um 22:17 schrieb Ilya Zverev:
> Thanks for you comments on the last iteration. I have also seen local
> discussions in french and german communities, with strong voices towards
> rejecting the import in their countries. So I ask you to consider the
> next iteration.

The German community discussed your import on the Talk-de mailing list
and the German forum.

German POI data is not complete and will never be complete. We welcome
help to improve the POI data in Germany. However, the quality of data to
be imported has to be much better than dataset being provided. That's
why almost all users who participated in discussions on the Talk-de
mailing list and the German OSM Forum oppose this import.

Providing a list or a diff between the Navads dataset and OSM is
welcomed and will help us to improve our work without increasing the
burden for the manager of the import to invest more work into fixing all
the errors of the data and the software.

The details reported by various users:

Wrong entries
The import wants to add test data to OSM:
addr:postcode=10178 [that's in Berlin]
phone=+49 6058 96709 [dialling code for the areas around Frankfurt/Main
and Mannheim]
reported by kartonage at

The import wants to add gas stations at locations where only the offices
of companies are located (Sponholzstraße 31, 12159 Berlin). This seems
to be a residential building.
brand=H.-G. Meinecke
opening_hours=Mo-Fr 08:00-17:00
phone=+49 30 8598630
reported by kartonage at

The import wants to add fuel storage tank facilities as gas stations.
http://audit.osmz.ru/browse/navads_fuel/NVDS265_520220 (Adolf ROTH GmbH
& Co. KG in Aschaffenburg Harbour)
reported by Maskulinum at

The import wants to add a restaurant as a gas station. User Maskulinum
assumes that there might be a gas station about 100 metres away.
http://audit.osmz.ru/browse/navads_fuel/NVDS265_520496 (ROTH Energie at
Industriestraße 4, Stockstadt am Main)

User !i! writes that the import wants to add three new gas stations in
Rostock although there is not any gas station at that location (and has
never been there).

Wrong location for new gas stations
If the import adds a new gas station, it usually sets the node to the
location of the shop. If the gas station belongs to a large supermarket
(e.g. Intermarché in France
the node will be set into the middle of the supermarket!
reported by DD1GJ at

Postal codes
Don't add addr:postcode=* if that is the only address tag to be added.
[Postal codes are mapped as boundary relations in Germany and
addr:postcode=* is *sometimes* used in addition.]
reported by Basstoelpel at
https://forum.openstreetmap.org/viewtopic.php?pid=691681#p691681 and by
Prince Kassad at

Opening hours
The import deletes PH values from opening_hours=*.
reported by kreuzschnabel at
https://forum.openstreetmap.org/viewtopic.php?pid=691688#p691688 and by
Yokr at

The opening hours to be imported seem to be wrong in more than one case.
User Prince Kassad writes that he mapped the opening hours of the
following station recently and he does not believe that the opening
hours have changed again: https://www.openstreetmap.org/node/1784969657

Opening hours of the import and the Aral website are different:
reported by aixbrick at

The import sets opening_hours=24/7 for many Avia stations but the Avia
website claims they are not open 24/7.
reported by Harald Hartmann at

Other users confirm that the data to be imported does not match the reality.
reported by seichter at
https://forum.openstreetmap.org/viewtopic.php?pid=691860#p691860 (no
examples given)

Other examples:
http://audit.osmz.ru/browse/navads_fuel/NVDS126_2181 (way 124656455)
reported by Maskulinum at

http://audit.osmz.ru/browse/navads_fuel/NVDS126_1516 (way 228229916)
reported by Klumbumbus at

http://audit.osmz.ru/browse/navads_fuel/NVDS126_2205 (node 171592401)
reported by DD1GJ at

http://audit.osmz.ru/browse/navads_fuel/NVDS126_3237 (way 209654684)
website: Mo-Fr 07:00-18:00; Sa 08:00-14:00; Su 00:00-24:00
asked by phone: shop Mo-Fr 07:00-18:00; Sa 08:00-14:00 (vending machine
import: Mo-We,Fr-Su 00:00-24:00; Th 07:00-18:00
reported by DD1GJ at

streckenkundler reports that the opening hours of at least one Shell
station are wrong. The import wants to replace "Mo-Fr 05:00-23:00; Sa
06:00-22:00; Su 07:00-22:00" at the Shell station in Berliner Chaussee,
Lübben (Spreewald) by 24/7.

Wrong matches
Several users reported many wrong matches. Examples:
reported by dooley at

Non-public gas stations
The import adds many Avia gas stations which are not (or don't seem to
be) open to the public.
reported by Protoxenus at

reported by Falk Zscheile at

If a gas station is added to OSM, you should double-check if it exists
already. Just searching for amenity=fuel is not sufficient. Example:
reported by glglgl at

Proprietary reference numbers
Many users oppose the addition of rev:navads=*. It is a proprietary
reference number which is neither used by the operators/brands of the
gas stations nor know to the public. In addition, it is impossible to
check if it is correct.

critized by rurseekatze at

critized by glglgl at

critized by hsimpson at
https://forum.openstreetmap.org/viewtopic.php?pid=692075#p692075 and

critized by seichter at

streckenkundler: only ok if the Navads database is public accessible

MKnight: no optimal idea but useful to find the edits of the import

Data is too old to be imported
The data to be imported is too old. The import would modify brand=* tags
but people point out many cases where gas stations changed their brand
in the past (even many years ago) but the import would overwrite that
change with the old brand name.

Total website claims that it is their station:
Aral website does not know this station:
reported by highflyer74 at

This Aral station became a Shell station a few months ago:
reported by aixbrick at

This was a Total station and became an Esso station five years ago but
the import wants to set brand=Aral.
https://www.openstreetmap.org/node/33677178 In addition, the postal code
being imported is wrong.
reported by DD1GJ at

Aral station became Shell, import wants to revert that:
http://audit.osmz.ru/browse/navads_fuel/NVDS114_20036900DE1 (way 180629116)
reported by hsimpson at

Wrong phone numbers
The phone numbers to be added are sometimes the country-wide service
phone numbers, not the phone numbers of the gas station itself.
reported by Skinfaxi at
https://forum.openstreetmap.org/viewtopic.php?pid=692354#p692354 [I am
not sure if that refers to gas stations in Sweden]

Quality of the coordinates
The coordinates in the dataset provided by Navads are not suitable for
an automated import.
Example: http://audit.osmz.ru/browse/navads_fuel/NVDS402_014
reported by highflyer74 at

reported by Rainer at

There is no gas station (it is a point on a road):
reported by Falk Zscheile at

Unnecessary changes of spelling
You should not modify the brand=* tag if a case insensitive string
comparison returns true.
brand=AVIA → brand=Avia http://audit.osmz.ru/browse/navads_fuel/NVDS126_1179
reported by Harald Hartmann at

Formatting of phone numbers
The formatting of phone numbers is not perfect. A user complained about
a gas station in Eastern Germany: 036797 22097 (avia) vs. +49 3679
722097 (navads) The 7 belongs to the dialling code.
(reported by Harald Hartmann at

Protoxenus criticizes that the date of the Navads dataset is unknown.

ankro70 thinks that the import is of low value. Some really important
properties of gas stations (types of fuel being sold, payment methods)
are not modified. He has the impression that the main intention is to
import the gas stations into OSM. Adding postal codes and phone numbers
are just accessories to make the import not look so boring and loveless.

Other countries mentioned in the discussions
Simon Poole points out that many of the reported errors also exist in
Switzerland. In addition, many gas stations in Switzerland have two
different opening hours — one for the shop and 24/7 if you pay by debit
card or credit card at a vending machine.

User mapa mundi writes that the opening hours of 3 of 10 checked gas
stations in Austria are wrong.

Best regards


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