[Imports] Import of churches in Norway

Edward Betts edward at 4angle.com
Mon Feb 5 11:32:20 UTC 2018

Andy Mabbett <andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk> wrote:
> > We have no matching of the wikidata planned and uou are very welcome to
> > help if you have a way to  add this. (im  curious of how one would do
> > this in a simple way)
> There are a number of options; you can put your data into Google
> Sheets, and use the Wikipedia/Wikidata plugin there. Or we could ask
> Edward Betts (I'm BCCing him in this mail) to use his matching tool:
>     https://osm.wikidata.link/
> after your import is done. Once matches to existing Wikidata items are
> made, we can remove those from a copy of your data, and use the
> remainder to create new items on Wikidata.

I ran the Wikidata matcher for the Churches.osm file and found 1,563 matches.

Available here: https://edwardbetts.com/tmp/church_of_norway_matches

The format is one JSON blob per line. The JSON contains the tags for the
church plus a wikidata tag and a wikidata_dist tag containing he distance in


    'name': 'Sjoa kapell',
    'parish': 'Sel',
    'amenity': 'place_of_worship',
    'deanery': 'Nord-Gudbrandsdal',
    'diocese': 'Hamar',
    'building': 'chapel',
    'operator': 'Sel kirkelige råd',
    'religion': 'christian',
    'architect': 'Jon Rukin',
    'start_date': '1978',
    'denomination': 'lutheran',
    'wikidata': 'Q15403292',
    'wikidata_dist': 130.24616905894


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