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Hi Giorgio,
    I fixed some more spelling errors and other mistakes on the wiki page.
Please review them.

On Fri, Feb 9, 2018 at 11:04 PM, Giorgio Limonta <
giorgio.limonta80 at gmail.com> wrote:

> I am waiting clarification but I belive this doesn't stop the import (I
> hope)

Summarizing, OSM is authorized to derive works from the "Carta Tecnica
Comunale" and to distribute them under the ODbL but you can't distribute
the source data. If there's an argument against this, I believe it will be
written in this ML.

Anyway the lack of the source data makes it impossible to verify the
correct tagging. We have to trust your derived OSM file.

> > The data still have some issue:
>> >> - adjacent buildings that are not connected
>> >> - a building has self-intersecting way
The OSM file has a source tag on each feature - please remove them. You'll
tag the changeset with the source tag, not individual features.

You wrongly tagged history=memorial features as historic=monument.

Please look at this recent thread on the talk-it ML about correctly tagging
an "oratorio" (e.g. the youth centre, not the church):

> This has been discussed in the past in the talk-it ML.
>> The tag man_made=campanile is documented in the wiki but is used only 791
>> times. Moreover the picture refers to the Swedish Klockstapel which is
>> completely different from a "campanile". The normal tagging for a
>> campanile
>> is man_made=tower + tower:type= bell_tower (used 10595 times). Even the
>> man_made=campanile wiki page suggest to use this tagging.
> Ok, at the beginning when I found "Campanile" I said "this is
> perfect!!" and I haven't search further...

OK but I don't think bell towers are places of worship. Other opinions are

What is missing in your proposal is a good tagging plan (i.e. what tags
will be places on different features). Right now I have to look for
features and see if they are tagged correctly.

An (old) example is the following:

[About 3D buildings]

> Your tagging is wrong. Look at the following example.
>> [image: Inline image 1]
>> This is a house. It is a single building. This also means you should have
>> only one building tag on the building outline.
>> But you made two buildings (i.e. with two building tags): one for the
>> lower
>> part (a multi polygon) and one for the higher part (a closed way). But
>> different parts must be tagged with building:part as explained on
>> https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Simple_3D_buildings
> Yes now I have understud and you are absolutely right, I fixed that and
> the other similar cases (almost all the multipolygon).
It seems you didn't understand it completely.

For example, look at the following building (a church):

There should be only one building tag on the outline. But you have two
building=* and there isn't one on the building outline.

Tags relevant for the complete building should be only on the building
outline (e.g. amenity=place_of_worship + religion=* + denomination=* +

If you want to specify different height and roof on the various parts, you
must place a building:part tag on each of them.

Thus 2D renderers will ignore building:part tags but they will show the
overall building.

BTW, no church has got a name tag. Will you add them? When?

Right now the plan is "The Topology Checker QGIS Plugin and the Josm
> validator to prevent most problems before uploading the data."
> Please add something about what you will do *after* the import. For
> example, you can use again the JOSM validator (on the whole OSM data and
> not only on the buildings) and/or use Osmose.
> Ok

You still have to update the wiki page about this.

> BTW, how will you merge POI on nodes and POI on buildings? For example the
> Teatro Olimpico and the townhall?
> "Teatro Olimpico" is wrong both in the denomination and in the
> localization. In order to not delete them I could keep both , but it could
> be redundant .

It is wrong to have two POI's - one as a building and one as a node.

Anyway, I haven't understood how and when you will handle these duplicate

BTW, what is wrong with the name "Teatro Olimpico"? You could tag the
feature with name="Teatro all'Antica" ("all'Antica" and not "All'Antica")
and alt_name=""Teatro Olimpico" (


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