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Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Tue Jan 16 07:59:35 UTC 2018


On 01/16/18 01:35, Liam R Crozier wrote:
> Not entirely sure how this works but here goes. I have created an import
> page for a potential project to vastly provide information on the rail
> network within the UK.

I've read your wiki page and I like that you seem to be planning to
review everything manually. Technically, what you're proposing here is
probably not even an import, but just "a mapper making intensive use of
a third-party data source while mapping". Since you're planning a bigger
operation, it is nonetheless a very good idea to discuss it in advance -
or perhaps even seek people to help you complete it!

You don't say much about the data source. You say "NESA and/or the
Sectional Appendix", but you don't say how that data goes into OSM - by
way of a shape file you open in JOSM? An imagery background that you
trace off of? Maybe just a catalogue you look up data in?

Before you start anything, you should document the licensing more
thoroughly; I don't think that "Network Rail have given permission to
use NESA and/or the Sectional Appendix to add extra information to the
UK rail network." is enough. We'd want to read that explicit permission
and know who has given it to whom. If you have a document, or even just
an email, you could upload that to the wiki and link to it from your
changeset comments.

Also, since you write that "a Freedom of Information request has been
submitted", please do not assume that anything you are given as a
response to a FoI request is automatically valid to add to OSM; FoI
responses are not in the public domain.

I don't understand much of the railways, others will surely comment on
that (I second the suggestion to check with talk-gb, and there's even a
public transport and an OpenRailwayMap mailing list if you want to talk
to the real railway geeks).

I see that you have created some "Key" pages on the wiki to match your
import plans (e.g.
this is not how things are normally done on the wiki. You are expected
to start such pages under the "Proposed" namespace and only move them
out of that if the tag has got much traction or is explicitly voted on.


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