[Imports] Bing Building Import

Christoph Hormann osm at imagico.de
Wed Jul 4 09:16:42 UTC 2018

On Wednesday 04 July 2018, Frederik Ramm wrote:
> What you are suspecting here seems to have manifested itself in
> Alaska, where one reviewer claims that most (!) buildings in the
> dataset do not correspond to anything on the imagery available to us,
> and the few (!) objects that do differ wildly in shape:

I also thought about Alaska but i was trying to give Microsoft the 
benefit of the doubt here and not make the assumption that any quality 
issues in Alaska would allow conclusions for the rest of the US.

Alaska is not only very different in geography, it is also much more 
difficult with images (no NAIP images, no full HR coverage in any of 
the common image layers).

For Alaska is is also highly significant what coordinate system 
Microsoft did the processing in.  If they used Mercator and did not 
take into account the scale variation this is very likely to be falling 
onto their feet obviously.

Even for just CONUS you by the way have a scale factor variation of 
about 1.35 which could already cause problems when not compensated for.

But now i am drifting off-topic here myself... ;-)

Christoph Hormann

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